Off 2 a Great Start

Your wedding hour will be pitch perfect with his service.

Ray Craig has been preparing couples for marriage for since 1993: twenty years. He has led wedding ceremonies with confidence, dignity and wit in a variety of settings: formal and informal, large and small, in churches, gardens and hotels.

Pre-Marital Counsel

Dr. Ray will listen to your family histories, ask questions about the major areas of challenge two people might bring into forging a life together; and otherwise help to prepare a man and a woman for a successful life of marriage.

Wedding Ceremonies

Craig will adapt to the approach you want to take in your ceremony, making suggestions based on his experience helping other couples. He will lead the rehearsal, as well as the service, taking care of all legal paperwork too.


Dr. Ray offers emergency, as well as three, six or 12 month check-ups.

Professional Credentials and Associations

Craig has been a religious leader since 1977 and has conducted ceremonies in different denominational traditions since 1993 throughout the Southeast.

In this region, he has been a preferred vendor at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, The Ritz-Carlton Charlotte and the Great Aunt Stella Center.

He was a board member of the Charlotte chapter, National Association of Wedding Professionals, emceeing and speaking for the group regularly.