About Us

Dr. Ray founded MMX Leadership in January 2010 after investing eight years of his life to help key leaders in the Developing World. He represented an NGO in India, then the Haggai Institute for Advanced Leadership Training. His associates are throughout the Southeast and, with Dr. Ray, will help you meet high priority goals.


Change is constant. Let MMX assist you and your team's move from current reality to future reality. Our expertise includes crafting strategic plans, facilitating key leader / executive team arrival or departure, communicating upper level leader shifts and preparing for marriage.

Off 2 a Great Start is MMX's service for premarital counsel, wedding ceremonies and postmarital check-ups.


Dr. Ray's signature strength, talks for groups large or small have been a specialty for decades. Ask MMX to anchor your event and your team walks away with both memorable and actionable motivation. Dr. Ray has spoken in such diverse locations as rural Uganda, the Savannah Country Club and the Queen Mary 2. His wide variety of audiences include academic, business and non-profit groups.

'From Guys to Gentlemen', G2G, is MMX's retreat event for those seeking to promote men stepping up to their various responsibilities in domestic and civic life.


 'No Gift Too Large' is MMX's service providing professional philanthropy counsel. MMX has over fifteen years of experience raising funds for non-profit organizations. We have raised literally millions of dollars, including heading a $3.25M capital campaign, teaming up to secure multiple $1M gifts and personally receiving multiple $250K donations. MMX's concept is being on either side of that transaction in a way that neither the giver is uncomfortable nor the receiver doubts new capital can be found. We also provide venture capital to allow for young companies to grow and achieve their full potential.


People make bad decisions. Unpredictable events happen. MMX brings an experienced and neutral voice to whatever circumstance you need untangled. Dr. Ray's doctoral dissertation was on using conflict constructively.


Advanced Team Systems is MMX's arm for smooth event execution. We will be your unitary contact with site, vendors and others you depend upon.

Anders+Bjorn+Calrson Research is MMX's entity offering in-depth preparation for your academic or business presentations.

MMX Media provides books and other resources on significant issues to the public.